Italia in Miniatura (Miniature Italy)

Fancy doing something you have never dreamt of? Well, Italia in Miniatura (Miniature Italy) is exactly what you are looking for. It is the place where Italy goes tiny, a place where you will feel like titans exploring the peninsula’s most beautiful monuments and masterpieces from above.
We love welcoming our guests at our hotel: the only thing you will have to bother about is having a good time and making the best of our advantageous and exceptional conditions: you can buy discounted tickets right on our premises.

At Italia in Miniatura (Miniature Italy) you can walk all along the country, and even reach Europe beyond the Alps, admiring more than 270 perfect miniature replicas of national landmarks.

That means you will see Sicily’s   Etna volcano erupting and Campania’s temples, contemplate St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, take a trip to Bologna’s Asinelli Tower, and then climb Mount Blanc and reach the Eiffel Tower, along with St. Paul’s Cathedral in London and the Acropolis of Athens.

After such an amazing trip you will want to have loads of fun with the Park’s many rides. You can pick and choose from the Canoe water roller coaster or the Sling Shot with its 55-metre drop in just 1.3 seconds. You can finally relax all together on a boat sailing along the canals of Venice in a setting 5 times smaller than the original. So, what are you waiting for? Come and travel beyond reality…